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WWDC Stevenote is a memory. Seems the leak was write. Apple has drastically redesigned their top of the line case and machine. Check it out, the all new, Apple Power Mac G5.

The biggest news in the world of Apple Computers today seems to be that one of their internet techs made a small mistake last night. It seems that an image providing all the specs of the new Power Mac G5 was leaked to the internet at around 11:30 pm last evening. Full details (including screen shots) can still be found at Think Secret at the time of this writing.

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Allow me to make a recommendation, Pepper. It's the editor I use to maintain this site and do most of my programming duties at work and home.
I love Macintosh Computers. They are about the only way I compute when I have a choice. I have been a unix developer professionally for a number of years now, and when Apple came out with OS X I was in Heaven. Therefore this page (and potentially others linked from here) will be filled with Macintosh Advocacy and hardware and software reviews.

For now visit MacCentral they've got a good forum and a lot of good information. Or, if rumors are more up your alley, As the Apple Turns is Broadcasting again! YAAY!