's Links
"All the web that's fit to link..."TM
Mac Links
Apple Computer
Makers of fine web surfin' hardware.
OS X Faq
Absolutely one of the best resources for OS X Technical information and trivia on the internet.
Necris' favorite Macintosh Magazine...
Digital Wandering
Purveyors of PepperTM The only text editor used by Necris Rex for making his web pages.
(And writing code, and taking notes, and lots of other stuff too!)
As The Apple TurnsTM
The ONLY Daily Soap Opera for the Macintosh Enthusiast!
Inside Mac Games
A site dedicated to gaming on the Macintosh platform (Yes it DOES exist (gaming on the Mac that is) and YES it Doesn't Suck!)
Mac Rumors
One of the tamer Macintosh rumor sites. Lots of juicy rumor tempered with a little common sense (usually).
Purveyors of fine Apple MacintoshTM news and reviews
Where to find the best software.
Comic Book Links
DC Comics
Publishers of fine Batman Products as well as JLA, JSA, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and others two numerous to name here...
Marvel Comics
Publishers of fine Spider-Man Products, as well as X-Men, Avengers, Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, and others too numerous to name here.
Mile High Comics
Purveyors of fine comic books, old and new. One of the best back-catalogs on the web, AND they put up cover scans and first looks for any comics they get previews for each week. WOOHOO!
New England Comics
Publishers and Purveyors of fine Tick products.
Smallish Market BIG Enjoyment. Publishers of Ruse, Scion, Brath and other fine comics.
Image Comics
Medium Market Big Enjoyment. These are the enablers of my Micronauts addiction, as well as providers of The Darkness. And teh WONDERFUL Hawaiian Dick Mini Series (YOU should REALLY pick up this one, it's GREAT).
Oni Press
Small Market Big Enjoyment. I've only ever read a couple of their trades, but I HIGHLY recommend "Whiteout", Greg Rucka's Premiere book.
As well as "Hopeless Savages" Jen Van Meter sure to be a rising star.
Dark Horse Comics
Small Market Big Enjoyment. I've only ever read a couple of their trades, but I HIGHLY recommend Spyboy and Hellboy. I've also heard GREAT things about Sock Monkey. Hellboy is soon to be a major motion picture!